Day trip at Turtles Island

Day trip at Signal island and snorkeling with turtles.

From 98.00 NZD - 10.00 %
  • 30' from Nouméa
  • Landscaped island
  • Equipment provided

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Atao Taxi Boat & Diving

Discovery of Signal Island, also called "T'Ndu", classified as a marine reserve. This island is wild and ideal for observing green turtles in large numbers while snorkelling on the island's reef. Equipment is provided.

Departure from Port Moselle, Noumea, 8am/9am/10am.
Departure from Signal Island 3pm/16pm/17pm.
30 minute trip.
Covered boat, spacious and comfortable.
Landscaped island.
A pathway guides you around the island.

Price: $98 NZD.

Sale period: until 31 December 2023.

Validity period: until 31 May 2024.