Love food? This is the foodie island you need to visit


There are unique and extraordinary flavours to be found in each of the destinations’ varied regions, whether they be from the blue waters of the crystal clear lagoon (the world’s largest), the more rural ‘cowboy country’ in the west, the Gallic hub of Noumea or the traditional Kanak culture in the east. New Caledonia’s sundry landscapes deliver delicacies, fresh produce and meals that will tantalise the taste buds and are true testimonial to the blend of cultures united on the islands.

Bon appetit!

The proximity of New Caledonia to Australia is one of its major appeals, less than two hours from Brisbane, three hours from Sydney and four hours from Melbourne, Francophiles can feast on the escargot (snails) of the Isle of Pines, or indulge the senses with dishes like gratin of mangrove crab, local venison, dauphine potatoes and croquettes at a traditional French restaurant in Noumea. Those with a more adventurous palette are encouraged to explore the flavours of the local Kanak culture, where they can discover the ‘bougna’, a dish typically made from tubercles, coconut milk and fish. In local markets, French delicacies such as cheeses, wines, fresh-baked pastries and chocolates will awaken the palate – and all this just a few hours away.



Mare Loylty Island


Top 10 foodies experience

Whether it’s fine dining, eating with the locals or enjoying wine or cheese tastings, there is something for everyone in New Caledonia. Freshly caught seafood can be barbecued by the white sand beaches, while thirsty travellers can sip on cocktails made from the assortment of mouth-watering fruits found on the islands, including coconuts, mangoes, passionfruit and papaya. Discover our top 10 foodie experiences in New Caledonia which will make your trip even more memorable. Discover more…




Food festival in New Caledonia


Food Festivals galore

Festivals for treasured local harvests of vanilla, avocados, yams, prawns and lobsters are all celebrated. In fact, food is so well appreciated in New Caledonia that every meal is a feast and a food-orientated event of some kind or other is almost impossible to miss. Discover more…





Lobster in New Caledonia


Shop like a local

While for many, a true gourmet holiday may involve enjoying the local cuisine in top eateries, it’s also fun to take a DIY approach. This way you can experience local food in a different way, by preparing your own gourmet feast. In Nouméa it’s easy to shop for ingredients to prepare yourself, and to buy ready-made meals to heat and eat. There’s also ample opportunity to pack a delicious picnic to enjoy sprawled on a beach somewhere in the glorious sunshine. Discover more…




Lifou loyalty island



The perfect picnic spot

So, you’re loaded up with a basket of gourmet food and wine, it’s only fitting you now find a setting that is as spectacular as the picnic you are about to enjoy. Here are some suggestions… Discover more…