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  1. Sarraméa

    Isolated, like its neighbour Farino, Sarraméa is a mountainous village situated in the Grande Terre’s central mountain range, 120 km north of Nouméa. Green and floral tourism have developed to the great joy of those who love nature.

  2. Cuve du trou Feillet

    Located in Sarraméa, a municipality in the north-west of New Caledonia, about 120 kilometers from Nouméa, La Cuve du Trou Feuillet is an ideal site for a delicious, refreshing swim or a picnic in a nice shady place.

  3. La Foa, Moindou, Farino and Sarraméa

    Accomodations, activities, restaurants, sites and events in La Foa.

  4. Walks

    While the size of New Caledonian lagoon invites you to explore and appreciate the mysteries and natural splendor of the sea, the New Caledonian archipelago also calls for you to discover its land! Put on your walking shoes and a comfortable outfit and get ready to explore a region of the world that is still partly unexplored.

  5. Self-drive itinerary in New Caledonia

    Hitting the road is one of the best ways to really experience New Caledonia’s beautiful and diverse ‘Grande Terre’. Not only is it easy to pick up a rental car at the international airport or in Nouméa, but New Caledonia’s well-maintained roads and signage make enjoying a road trip around the island a breeze. Plus, travelling around New Caledonia by car allows you the freedom to stop off whenever you like, meet the villagers, each with their unique culture and customs, and to see those remote unspoilt areas that are rarely visited by tourists.

  6. New Caledonian Bush

    Between the North,  the East and West Coasts, the New Caledonian bush has many faces. To the east, the Kanak gardens are an oasis of sweetness and rest. The West Coast is the kingdom of stockmen and large cattle farm. Once a year experience this universe for yourself at the famous Bourail Fair.

  7. Dogny Plateau

    Many Caledonian hikers will tell you: the walk towards the Dogny Plateau and the paths that cross it are among the best-loved of local people. Others will even tell you that it's the most-beautiful hike in the territory.

  8. Farino

    The smallest town in New Caledonia is also paradoxically known for its festival celebrating the giant Bancoule worm! This is also the land serving as a gateway to one of the territory’s most beautiful parks, Grandes Fougères.

  9. Caledonian Dream: 6 winners, 6 nationalities, 800 km

    Until 31 July, Australians, Chinese, French, Italians, Japanese and New Zealanders can apply to win an incredible 9-day New Caledonia road trip. As the final part of the NCTPS multi-market campaign, each step of this group adventure, with influencers or world-wide, high-profile personalities, can be followed on www.newcaledonia.travel and social networks. See you first in August to find out the 6 winners and then on 1st October for the big day - the start!

  10. Caledonian Dream! (NZ)

    Win a road trip to New Caledonia!

    Go from dream to reality and share your adventure in the heart of the Pacific! Try your luck to represent New Zealand on a 9-day trip to New Caledonia, accompanied by 5 other intrepid travellers from France, China, Italy, Japan and Australia.

    From the capital Nouméa, to the jaw-dropping islands of Ouvéa and the Isle of Pines, through the wide country open spaces of Sarraméa, Bourail and the Great South, travel more than 800 km with unforgettable land, sea and air based activities every day!