While the size of New Caledonian lagoon invites you to explore and appreciate the mysteries and natural splendor of the sea, the New Caledonian archipelago also calls for you to discover its land! Put on your walking shoes and a comfortable outfit and get ready to explore a region of the world that is still partly unexplored.

Hiking paths

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  • Hiking in Déva in Bourail, New Caledonia

    Walk with an open heart

    On the paths of the Gouaro Deva natural reserve, between the century old majestic trees of the , in the twists and turns of the Giant Ferns Park, climbing the slope of Mont Panié in the Northern Province, the highest peak of New Caledonia with its 1629 meters… Every walk or hike that you might want to take will offer you moments of intense joy, unexpected encounters with surprised Cagous or plants that do not exist anywhere else in the world. Take a walk and be enriched.

  • Shabadran in Maré, New Caledonia

    On the Mountain Ridges

    If you leave the freshness of the forest, other magical hikes also await you as you walk in equally majestic surroundings. On the island of Maré, accompanied by a guide, climb the peaks of Shabadran. Difficult but one where effort is greatly rewarded with of the most beautiful views of the ocean and untamed nature in existence.

  • Dogny plateau in Sarraméa, New Caledonia

    Wild Sarraméa

    Other more accessible hikes also offer amazing rewards. In the town of Sarraméa, paths with various levels of difficulty allow everyone, to climb and enjoy the superb landscapes of this region. Experienced hikers can reach the plateau of Dogny at an elevation of 1010 meters. Several hours is needed but the reward is worth it: the unforgettable view of the Valley of Sarraméa, the Bay of Bourail, and the Bay of Canala.

  • GR Sud

    Long Hikes

    In both the north and the south, the paths for long hikes have been developed over time. Trail marks and rest stops mark the different stages. The GR NC1 trail crosses the South Province, starting in the southern edge of New Caledonia in Prony. Seven stages allow you to explore the red soil of the Great South region, cross beautiful, luxuriant forests, and finally reach the dam of the Dumbéa  River.

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