Add a touch of perfection to your holiday in New Caledonia. The Isle of Pines and the Loyalty Islands represent the best of any trip to South Pacific, with immaculate white shores, crystalline waters and Kanak traditions.

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  • Lifou Beach Loyalty Island New Caledonia

    100% nature islands

    Caledonian islands are strikingly beautiful. Here, people live in harmony with a generous nature: beaches in fine silver sand, steep cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, deep forests, hidden caves and, of course, a lagoon of amazing beauty. You are right in the heart of the perfect picture postcard. 

  • Local guide for a trek by the heart of the forest of Maré New Caledonia

    Activities on the islands

    Don't think you are going to spend your time on the islands only lazing on the beach! It would be a shame. The locals often act as guides to take you fishing, or snorkeling, or for a trek to the corners that are kept secret by the heart of the forest. Be friendly and open, the islanders will welcome you with open arms. 

  • staying with a tribe in Maré New Caledonia

    Dynamic islands

    However, the islands are not asleep. By choosing between staying with a tribe, in a bungalow or a hotel, you will be able to choose how to live your adventure. In Lifou, vanilla is king. Do not hesitate to visit the plantations. The islanders have an almost mystical connection with nature, and they are generous, willingly sharing Kanak myths and legends that have been handed down from generation to generation during trips in caves or forests.

  • traditional pirogue in Upi Bay on the Isle of Pines

    The Musts

    • Navigate in a traditional pirogue in Upi Bay on the Isle of Pines
    • Swim in the clear waters of Oro Bay on the Isle of Pines
    • Discover the caves of Luengöni, the Lifou jewel
    • Visit a vanilla plantation and enjoy a flavoured coffee in Lifou
    • Laze on Mouli beach in Ouvea
    • Walk to the "Shark Nursery" in Ouvea
    • Dive in Easo reef in Lifou
    • Stay with a tribe in the Loyalty Islands
    • Stare into the void at the Warriors Leap in Maré 

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