Giant Ferns in New Caledonia

Nature & biodiversity

New Caledonia's nature areas cover the entire territory, offering an exceptional biological diversity. Its idyllic beaches border protected marine areas, while its dense forests are home to more than 3,000 native species. The ever-present hiking trails are a popular spot for both family walks and long-distance expeditions. Equestrian, walking, cycling, nautical and aerial activities have all been designed to help visitors discover the archipelago’s flora and fauna. Many areas are classified as nature reserves and subject to regulations that protect local species and their habitats. 

Natural parks

The land, the sea, the forest, the mountains... New Caledonia's natural diversity is such that you can enjoy yourself in environments that are as different as they are invigorating. And for good reason! Comfortably installed in the middle of the South Pacific, this archipelago remains unique in its kind, bringing together rare and preserved natural spaces.