The Maison du Lagon

The Maison du Lagon (Lagoon’s house) is an information office specialized on water activities located at Port Moselle, Noumea. Maison du Lagon is representative of 20 companies grouped in the “Syndicat des Activités Nautiques et Touristiques” or SANT. To be a part of the SANT these companies have to pass a Tourist Nautical Agreement, a guarantee of their professionalism.

Logo Maison du Lagon

La Maison du Lagon
Port Moselle – Nouméa

(next to the local downtown market)

BP 437
98845 Nouméa cedex

Tel : +687 27 27 27
Site internet


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Maison du Lagon cover a large range of activities:

Open 7 days a week, the team advice you on what you can do on the lagoon and guide you toward the proper companies. You’re looking for a water activity? You don’t know how to reach the different islets? So come and ask us.

As well as our mission of promoting water activities, we relay also information about sea environmental protection. We work in collaboration with the South Province and different environmental organizations to provide information about marine reserves, protected species and general rules.

Protecting the Caledonian lagoon is our companies’ top priority. They respect the rules of conduct and behavior they take an important part in the development of a sustainable nautical tourism:

  • In our syndicate, all whale watchers have signed the Cetacean Observation Charter, which commits them to have the best behavior around cetaceans and especially humpback whales.
  • 15 of them have been selected by the Environmental Department of the South Province to be “Lagoon’s Ambassadors”. Their mission is to promote good practices and right behavior to the general public. They help the South Province’s sea wardens and can be seen as sea mediators.