Having the chance to sail from the island of Ouvéa to Pleiades du Nord and then to Beautemps-Beaupré is an extraordinary experience. The beauty of Beautemps-Beaupré justifies in itself the trip. But if for adventure you can combine diving with the stay at sea, then you will live an episode in your life whose memory will be a constant source of amazement.

Let us be fond of sweet things and begin this underwater journey from the southern Pleiades. Here on the western part of the island which proceeded, just as in the northern Pleiades, the formation of the archipelago of islands of Ouvéa is found. The most famous diving spot is the Styx pass, not far from the Metouaine islet.

From Styx pass to Taurus pass

Further north, in the Pleiades in the West of the Deguala islet, one of the most mythical New Caledonia diving spots is found: Taurus pass. Benefiting from an exceptional visibility, the spot offers a landscape of walls literally covered with magnificent gorgonians. It is also a venue for several large pelagic species. Jackss, dogtooth tuna cross there regularly, just like patrols of manta and leopard rays. An absolute “must” for every diver on visit on the Rock!

Beautemps-Beauprées seabird colonies

Continue your trip to Beautemps-Beaupré. Before you put your head under the water, give yourself time for a break and a walk on the island.  Real paradise for seabirds, the islet welcomes thousands of birds coming to lay eggs or nest on the spot. Terns fight with brown seagulls and offer a show that is dazzling and deafening.

A last dive is required around Beautemps-Beaupré. At 25 meters beneath the surface, black jack caves open up. Covered with an impressive overhang, the cave, whose entrance is decorated with huge red gorgonias, hosts sedentary black jacks that are just waiting for your visit.

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