If certain globe-trotters having experienced the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean, Madagascar, Thailand, etc. place the Shabadran Terraces among their Top 5 most beautiful beaches in the world, that really says it all, doesn’t it?

Though a must-see, the Shabadran terraces take a little effort to reach!

The spectacular place

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  • The Shabadran terraces in Maré the Loyalty Islands

    Splendid viewpoints

    To get to the site, visitors need to hike for around 2 and a half hours (and you still have to come back…). Though a little strenuous (watch out for the very sharp coral!), the route offers stunning viewpoints over the coral plateaus and the island’s cliffs.

  • The Shabadran terraces in Maré the Loyalty Islands

    A unique beach

    When you finally reach the Shabadran terraces, you will understand why this unique white sandy beach has such an outstanding reputation! But do take care as the site’s topography can lead to quite rough backrush…