If you mention the name ‘Luengoni’ in Lifou, the locals will immediately refer to one of the most incredible white sand beach you can imagine. However there is a lot more to it, including an underwater cave as well as sinkholes called ‘the jewels’ located near the main beach.

Explore Luengoni beach barefoot and make the most of its beautiful view and warm white sand. To discover Luengoni’s underwater cave, do not forget your snorkels, so you can reach the 30m deep cave!

A beach, a cave and many “jewels”

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  • Luengoni beach in Lifou, the Loyalty Islands

    Hidden jewels

    The jewels of Luengoni, are beautiful sinkholes hidden behind lush vegetation. While the island's limestone creates eye-catching coastal landforms such as grottoes and caves where the water colours vary from turquoise to cobalt, it also creates the odd surprise on land sinkholes, some quite huge, have developed To reach them, you will need to walk for approximately 3 to 4 hours, starting from the beach then along the coral cliffs before a 2 metres jump into total darkness under the watch of your experienced guide. An extraordinary experience!

  • Guide in Lifou the Loyalty Islands

    Follow the guide

    It is advisable to leave early to reach the magnificent waterholes when the sun is at its zenith so you have the best possible light over these beautiful emerald color holes. These true natural amphitheaters will then see sunlight pierce through the darkness and illuminate the water surrounded by the lush vegetation. You will not regret this 5 km walk.

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