If there is one place in Lifou where you can quite easily understand the island’s geology and how it formed, it would have to be the Jokin cliffs that tower over the ocean at a height approaching 60 meters in places.

The Jokin cliffs are found to the north of Lifou island, on the land belonging to the tribe of the same name.

The stunning cliffs

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  • The Jokin cliffs in Lifou the Loyalty Islands

    The burial chambers

    From the top of the cliffs, you can admire a large portion of the coastline, as well as the burial chambers of the tribe’s bygone leaders at their foot. Make sure you are wearing appropriate footwear to make the descent: the coral ground is particularly jagged or even sharp!

  • The Jokin cliffs in Lifou the Loyalty Islands

    Visit the foot of the cliffs

    Don’t hesitate to visit the foot of the cliffs to enjoy some scuba diving or snorkeling in the almost crystal clear water. The sea bed has a wealth of flora and fauna. With a little luck, you might even see a manta ray! And that’s not a legend!

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