The Isle of Pines is hardly lacking in magnificent bays (Kuto, Oro, Kanumera), but Upi, if not the most visited, is undoubtedly the most spectacular.

You might well come across turtles or dolphins who come to join in your trip across the waters.

Where the dugout canoes sail

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  • Outrigger canoes in Upi bay in the Isle of Pines

    Traversing the calm waters

    Situated at the north of the little island of Koutomo, to the south-east of the Isle of Pines, Upi Bay sees outrigger canoes traversing its calm waters every day. Sailing aboard these light and gracious little wooden boats during your trip will be an extraordinary experience.

  • Upi bay in the Isle of Pines

    A course on the water

    As you cross Upi Bay you will discover, in particular, huge rocks which seem to be literally balancing on the water, like gigantic floating buoys.

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