The Isle of Pines is famous worldwide for its breathtakingly beautiful bays. If you travel to the island aboard the Betico hi-speed ferry from Nouméa, Kuto Bay will be your first bewitching experience of the island’s bays.

Kuto Bay and Kanumera Bay are separated by just a thin strip of land and offers a stunning fine white sand beach.

The first bay!

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  • Kuto bay in the Isle of Pines

    Set foot on the Isle of Pines

    Oro Bay may tempt visitors eager to explore its legendary “natural swimming pool” hollowed out in a bed of coral by the waves; Upi Bay may be the dream setting for a picture-perfect trip in an outrigger canoe; and finally, nearby Kanumera Bay may boast magical depths where myriad exotic fish dart in waters lapping a sacred rock, a dream for snorkelling fans, but Kuto will be the first bay you see on setting foot on the Isle of Pines after a three-hour crossing on the passenger ferry which plies between Nouméa and New Caledonia’s largest and most sublime southern island.

  • Kuto beach in the Isle of Pines

    An invitation to laze

    Kuto Bay, facing the open ocean, is blessed with the softest fine white sand on the Isle of Pines. Curving gently in a wide arc, the bay is an irresistible invitation to laze and sunbathe in luxurious abandon. The bay also boasts several beachside restaurants where you can enjoy uniquely delicious Isle of Pines snails and a selection of gourmet fish and shellfish specialities as you gaze over the sparkling azure waters.

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