Situated at the south of the Kuto peninsula, Kanumera Bay offers a view over a stunning fine white sand beach, like its neighbour, Kuto Bay

Kanumera Bay and Kuto Bay are separated by just a thin strip of land covered with a strangely sweet grass. As for the taboo rock, it reigns over the heart of the bay...

An idyllic setting

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  • Kanumera Bay in the Isle of Pines

    Dive in paradise

    Bordered by coconut palms and colonial pine trees, the beach at Kanumera Bay is simply an invitation to go snorkelling. In the turquoise waters, just tens of metres from the shore, ‘coral heads’ and a little fringing reef let you admire the fish of a thousand colours living under the shadow of an imposing rock!

  • Rock in Kanumera bay in the Isle of Pines

    Culture and beliefs

    It is entirely impossible not to notice this astounding coral formation which seems to cut the scene in two. Linked to the bay by a thread of silvery sand, it is central to the culture and beliefs of the island. And as such it is totally forbidden to go there. Respect it.

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