New Caledonia internet access and wi-fi

New Caledonia’s internet access and mobile coverage is quite reliable.

The essentials

  • Telephone

  • How to use IZI 

  • Mobile Internet

  • Internet


The international calling code for New Caledonia is +687.

If you’re in New Caledonia for a short stay, the simplest solution for voice calls is to get yourself an IZI prepaid phone card, marketed by the OPT (Post and Telecommunications Office).  With a pay-as-you-go IZI card, you can make calls from landlines and mobiles or public phone booths. The cards are on sale at OPT branches and approved retail outlets. All retail outlets are identified by an IZI card sticker.


How to use IZI:

  • Dial 1030 (toll free) to access the server in French (1031 for English, 1032 for Japanese)
  • Enter the 12 figures of your PIN (scratch the grey area on your card to find it), followed by #: i.e. xxxxxxxxxxxx #


  • To make a call, enter the number you want, followed by #
  • To check your remaining balance, enter # then 3

Once your card has been authenticated, you can make any calls you like. The charge for each call, depending on call length, rate and destination, will be debited from your IZI card balance.


NC Pocket Wi-Fi

Alternatively, you can hire an NC Pocket Wi-Fi device on arrival or departure at Noumea Airport, or have one delivered to your accommodation in Nouméa. The devices offer great 4G broadband coverage, unlimited data plans and the option to connect up to five different mobile phones, laptops or devices at one time. Extremely portable, the devices are the perfect accessory for any trip to New Caledonia, allowing you to access your emails, share your favourite holiday photos on social media or get in touch with family and friends.

After you receive your device, you’ll immediately be able to connect to the internet and start browsing your favourite websites, with no SIM card required. Hire for 1 to 5 days comes in at just $1,190 XPF per day, with daily rates reducing as the rental period increases. With a coverage area that expands across much of the main island and the Loyalty Islands, staying connected is simple with NC Pocket Wi-Fi.

Reserve your NC Pocket Wi-Fi device on the NC Pocket Wi-Fi website at least 24 hours before you arrive to enjoy easy internet access during your visit!


Mobile Internet

All of New Caledonia’s administrative areas have mobile 3G coverage which can be accessed from most phones.

To access mobile Internet services:

Your phone must be unlocked so it will work with any network provider.

You then need to buy a Liberté card from an OPT branch or an approved retail outlet. For 6,195 XPF, you get a local phone number, 3,000 XPF of credit for voice calls and the option of taking out a mobile Internet package.

Note: Different mobile phone brands have different procedures for changing settings. We recommend you ask for help at the retail outlet or OPT branch where you buy your Liberté card; you can also dial 1000 from your phone for help and advice.


Mobile Internet plans

The OPT offers various internet packages providing 1 or 24 hours of Internet access on your mobile. Getting started couldn’t be simpler: just text “IMD” to the number corresponding to the package you want:

  • 1110 = 1h – social media = 100 XPF

  • 1120 = 24h – 200 MB limit = 210 XPF

You will receive a text message confirming activation of the service and also indicating the time and date it expires.


Internet Cafes and Wi-Fi in New Caledonia

Many hotels, bars and restaurants now provide guest Wi-Fi services good enough for you to check messages and emails or download/upload documents.

Several free Wi-Fi hotspots are also dotted around Nouméa:

  • Place Courbet, Place des Cocotiers

  • Art Centre, Latin Quarter

  • Municipal Marketplace, Baie de la Moselle.

  • Georges Brunelet Park, Receiving.


Or you can go to an Internet café. A few addresses in Nouméa:

  • Cyber Nouméa Center - 20 rue Anatole France, Nouméa - Tel +687 26 26 98

  • Cyber Point NC - 75 rue de Sébastopol, Nouméa - Tel +687 24 15 41

  • Verda Stel' - 21 bis, rue Jean-Jaurès, Nouméa - Tel + 687 24 10 88

  • Cyber BD Citron - Baie des Citrons, Nouméa - Tel +687 24 11 69


Most types of accommodation in the bush (hotels, lodges, guesthouses) also offer Wi-Fi access.