The great south of New Caledonia is nature at its best. From preserved landscapes, red soils,  to amazing endemic species of plants and animals, step into a fascinating world . Sports lovers paradise, hike, kayak or bike your way through unique panoramas.

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  • PRB

    Spend a day at the blue river park

    The breathtaking Blue River Park (Parc de la Rivière Bleue) is a natural reserve, just 1 hour’s drive south of Nouméa. 9,000 hectares where visitors will discover a fauna and flora of remarkable diversity and richness. You explore the park aboard a shuttle service, 4 wheel drive excursion or again rent bikes or kayak from the visitors’ carpark at Pérignon Bridge. 

    A myriad of nature trails suited to all ages and fitness levels (from 30 minutes to 5 hours walk). You can also explore the reserve by kayak and make your way through the drowned forest. Unforgettable! 

    The sublime beauty and serenity of the landscape casts an irresistible spell and the hushed silence is broken only by the sound of birdsong.

  • GR

    Follow the GR1 walking trail

    One of the jewels in the country's crown is the GR1 walking trail, a stunning long-distance adventure trek divided into 7 stages beginning at historic Prony village down on the south coast. The trail goes through magnificent scenery: valleys, plains and lakes... the fiery red landscapes of the Deep South, superb Blue River Park (Parc de la Rivière Bleue) nature reserve and Dumbéa dam.

    Swim at the Wadiana waterfall

    At the end of the Great South, on the Goro road, stands the Wadiana cascade. This waterfall facing the sea offers a refreshing swim in a pleasant water hole.

  • yate

    Admire the lac de Yaté (Yate lake)

    Biggest reservoir of freshwater in the area, the Lac de Yaté (Yaté Lake) is home to an astonishing drowned forest.  In the heart of the Plain of Lakes echoes the roar of Chutes de la Madeleine (Madelaine Waterfall).

    Walk along the historic village of prony

    Prony is a coastal hamlet located on the southern tip of the Great South. With a strong history of mining, you can still explore some vestiges in the village, trapped under the banyan trees where you will immerse in the local culture.

  • Whales

    Live the 'whale' of an experience

    From July to mid-September each year, hundreds of humpback whales return to offer us a breathtaking show. They appear at the start of the cool season in July to breed and nurse their calves in our lagoon. Join a whale-watching trip from Baie de la Moselle and Prony Bay for a thrilling day observing their graceful antics. Don't forget your cameras... awesome photo opportunities guaranteed!

    Discover the secrets of the forgotten coast

    North of Yate rises the majestic Côte Oubliée (Forgotten Coast), which as its name suggests, guards its secrets.  Adventurous hikers willing to persevere will discover a space infinitely wild, unique and pristine. The coast stretches from Petit Borendi to Mamié along a rugged reef, riddled with deep valleys, flowing rivers and steep cliffs that pierce the ocean. The site is grandiose and you will feel privileged visiting there.

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