At the heart of the Grand Sud (Far South), and deep in the provincial reserve of the same name, in the Plaine des Lacs (Plain of Lakes), and nearby the Blue River Provincial Park, the La Madeleine waterfalls and the botanical path that leads to them give you a rich and beautiful environment for a walk.

Covering a distance of some two kilometers, the botanical path leads you on an exploration of the New Caledonian Maquis shrubland, which is richly represented in this reserve. 

Provincial reserve

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  • the reserve

    Endemic plant species

    The reserve covers a surface area of 400 hectares, and shelters 168 plant species (from 53 botanical families), of which 95% are endemic to New Caledonia. You can notably see seven species of primitive conifers dating from the secondary era (between 245 and 65 million years ago)!

  • A vegetal reserve beneath the water

    A reserve beneath the water

    Beneath the water, a unique plant grouping forms home for the Nesogalaxias fish, a genuine living fossil from Gondwana (a super-continent formed some 600 million years ago). Obviously, it is forbidden to pick anything whatsoever within the site!