Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced mountain biker, whether you’re looking for strong sensations or just a nice day out with the family, Les Boucles de Netcha (“Netcha Trails”) have the circuit you’re looking for.

This developed site of the South Province, near the La Madeleine waterfalls and the Blue River Park, opened in 2011 and has nearly 150 kilometers of circuits, divided into nine runs starting from Netcha.

Circuits suitable for anyone

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  • Map of Netcha trails mountain bike tracks

    The runs

    The two green runs (the Creek Run and the Pines Run) are ideal for a family outing, and are suitable for anyone. But you’ll be wanting to buckle your belts for the two black runs! The Carénage River run (12.4 km) and the Plain of Lakes run (32.6 km!) are of a very difficult level, and are for experienced mountain bikers only.

  • Netcha trails mountain bike tracks

    The Netcha site

    The map of these runs can be obtained from the headquarters of the Office de Tourisme du Grand Sud (Office of Tourism for the Far South), located at the Rond Point des Sports de Boulari, at the entrance to the municipality of Mont Dore. Obviously, you can picnic at the site, and it's open all year round, seven days a week (barring bad weather making mountain biking impossible or dangerous).