Belonging to the Mont-Dore municipality, the Isle of Ouen is located south of the Woodin canal, almost half-way between Nouméa and Île des Pins. Discovered by a sandalwood tradesman in the 19th century, the island is now home to a population of around one hundred people, concentrated in the village of Ouara, in the heart of a coconut plantation.

For the last few years, a discovery week-end has been regularly organized to  meet the local population of the island and visit an exceptional site. The island's inhabitants, respectful of their environment and boasting a rich culture and history that have long been ignored, welcome tourists in their customary warm fashion.

When in Ouen...

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  •  turtle in new caledonia

    A high land

    The Isle of Ouen is a fragment detached from the continental mass, a high land, with deep coves in the East, in Kumbé and Port-Kuté. The island has long been famous for its turtles and former jade mine. This site is also renowned for its apple-green ouenite rock. Carried back to Grand Terre in its raw form, the rock was sculpted into common or ceremonial axe blades.

  • Meet the humpback whales!

    Meet the humpback whales!

    The island, whose main activity remains fishing, is relatively isolated but attracts many humpback whale watchers every year, during their mating season, between June and September.