Found on the tip of the Grand Sud, Cap N'Dua is a natural reserve nestled between land and sea. Richly biodiverse, the area offers breathtaking views of the lagoon and open sea. There is a viewing area with facilities allowing visitors to gaze at the horizon on the lookout for the humpback whales that come to reproduce in the region each year.

Previously part of the southern forestry reserve, Cap N’Dua is now a natural reserve in its own right, covering some 830 hectares. Open to the public for free from Tuesday to Sunday (from 7am to 4pm), the reserve is a magical place for nature lovers.

Richly biodiverse area

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  • cap N'dua

    A natural reserve nestled between land and sea

    Boasting a highly varied ecosystem, Cap N’Dua allows visitors using its footpaths or bike tracks to enjoy a natural setting with stunning bays, steep cliffs and a huge stretch of arid scrubland. From July to late September, the site also offers an excellent viewpoint to watch hundreds of humpback whales come to reproduce in the Caledonian waters.