Tables d’hotes have been multiplying in Noumea, as well as on Grande Terre and the islands. Often associated with homestay accommodations, they allow you to live like a Caledonian during your visit. 

A table d’hote network

The ‘Welcome to the Farm’ network’s many members, all farmers, offer a visit combining the discovery of farm life, accommodations, and culinary delights. New Caledonian cuisine is largely based on local products. 

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  • Refuge du Cerf in Koumac-Kone

    The Deer Refuge table

    Halfway between Koumac and Koné, the Deer Refuge is not your typical table d’hôte.  Don’t miss out on the spectacular sunset over the plain with the lagoon in the background. From the Refuge itself, the panoramic 360° view is exceptional. Chantal will spoil you with the culinary preparations from her kitchen. She has no equal when it comes to venison, but she also makes her own bread, desserts and tasty salads with garden produce. In a true bush atmosphere, Stephan will also offer you several choice rums; his specialty. 

  • dine in tribe in Maré

    Island tables

    The Loyalty Islands are renowned for their tables d’hotes. Lovers of fresh fish or freshly caught lobsters will be delighted! Ouvéa, Maré, l’ile des Pins, Lifou; all face the sea and offer their own unique culinary specialties. Papaya curry, smoked bec-de-cane, or even bougna, there’s something for everyone. 

  • meet people in New Caledonia

    Meeting tables

    New Caledonian tables d’hotes are a surefire way of meeting the locals. Fond of good living, Caledonians are always ready to share good times around the table. They’ll welcome you with open hearts and leave lasting memories. A way to travel like no other. 

  • table of local terroire

    Tables of the earth

    A big advantage that comes from dining at one of New Caledonia’s many tables d’hotes is the ability to walk away with local products. Pickled vegetables, sea snails, or crabs. Deer sausages. Vanilla pods. Guava paste. Coconut candies...New Caledonian tables d’hotes are a real culinary adventure. Don’t hesitate to lend a hand in the kitchen and learn the secrets of our recipes!

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