Wines, cheeses, foie gras… New Caledonia is often the ambassador for French gastronomy in the heart of the Pacific. Over the space of a few years, it has proved able to capitalize on this know-how and now offers you the chance to try what France has become famous for throughout the world: it's gourmet produce! Learn more about some of the specialists in Nouméa. 

French gastronomy in the heart of the Pacific

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  • Maison Ballande gourmets of nouméa

    The gourmets of Ballande

    La Maison Ballande is located in the Baie de l’Orphelinat [Orphanage Bay] on the seafront, and is an address not to be missed.  The establishment offers gourmet food and beverages, both local and French. For example, you'll be able to enjoy Maxim's chocolate and confectionery straight from Paris. All year round at La Maison Ballande, you can taste fine French gourmet produce from names such as La Comtesse du Barry, Fauchon and Bollinger. An address for excellence in taste.

  • Wine merchants for gourmets

    Wine merchants for gourmets

    It's well known that the French love good wine. Nouméa is no exception to the rule, and there are several wine merchants in the capital. They generally stock good wines and spirits from France, and you can also taste champagnes. 

  • Chocolate for gourmets tonton jules noumea

    Chocolate for gourmets

    What greater pleasure is there than enjoying fine French cakes? Eating chocolate! The best known chocolate maker in Nouméa is Morand, and the confectioner has a store in the town center, near the Musée de Nouvelle-Calédonie [Museum of New Caledonia]. A genuine palace of temptations! Nearby the Eglise du Vœu [Le Vœu Church] in the Baie de l’Orphelinat [Orphanage Bay], La Cabosse d’Or is a specialist in Belgian chocolates. At the Baie des Citrons [Lemons Bay], the Tonton Jules chocolate shop is a source of strong competition. Why choose? Get yourself chocolates from all three stores! 

  • Foie gras – a gourmet pleasure

    Foie gras a gourmet pleasure

    In New Caledonia, you can relish foie gras all year round! Local producers have introduced a touch of their own variety, and you can indulge yourself with foie gras with Lifou vanilla, pink grapefruit or even gingered honey. The flavors blend marvelously with that of this much-enjoyed celebration victual. Purists will love the foies gras from Nouméa Gourmet.

  • Wine leading retailers for gourmets

    Leading retailers for gourmets

    • La Maison Ballande
    • Nouméa Gourmet
    • Tonton Jules
    • Les Chocolats Morand
    • La Cabosse d’Or
    • Passion Macarons
    • Le Bottle Shop
    • La Winerie
    • La Vinothèque
    • Le Pavillon des Vins
    • Sodival 
    • Gastronomie Import
    • La Boutique Le Vin Passion
    • Terre de Vîgnes

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