Watch that turtle!

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Observe but don’t disturb: Season 2


Accompanied by a guide, visitors can watch the turtles up close at Roche Percée beach. From December onwards, there are evening visits to watch adult turtles nesting, and early morning visits during February to see the hatchlings emerging and setting off across the sands to begin their life at sea.


Info and reservation:

  • +687 26 27 31

Last year's inaugural ecotourism Turtle Watch initiative proved so popular that the Lagoon Aquarium and the South Province, together with their partners - Bourail Townhall, the Gouaro Tribe, Bwara Tortues Marines and the Western Coastal Region - are organising a second season.

Important: you must book ahead to join a turtle watching group. Book your ticket at or at Maison de Deva or the Bourail Tourism Office. No tickets sold on the spot.

Groups restricted to 45 people per observation session.

Watch that turtle

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