Sail Nouméa 2018

Nouméa -

4 international ocean races converge on Nouméa


Four major races will be leaving from Sydney Harbour, Auckland, Melbourne and Brisbane between late May and early June 2018, with all fleets heading for Nouméa where a lively and friendly welcome awaits all the crews.
All four races are sponsored and supported by prestigious yacht clubs. Challenge and adventure await the crews as they fight to outpace their rivals and reach New Caledonia's superb lagoon in the lead.

Info and reservation:

Melbourne - Nouméa = 1,540 nautical miles

Sydney – Nouméa = 1,064 nautical miles

Brisbane – Nouméa = 850  nautical miles

Auckland – Nouméa = 950 nautical miles

Key news: the start of the legendary Groupama race has been set to coincide with the arrival of the 4 fleets in Nouméa so that all crews can take part in this unique lagoon race.

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December , à Houaïlou

In Houaïlou, the lychee reigns supreme

, à Nouméa

A celebration of no-holds-barred ingenuity!

, à Pouébo

Mwata, a culinary speciality with banana and coconut, cooked in the Kanak oven.