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Start of the season

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The 2019 trails season is off to a flying start so come and join the fun... Triathlons, open water swimming, aquathlons, XC trails to tempt sports fans of all ages, amateurs and pros, women and men.

Info and reservation:

The first month’s schedule features:

  • 2 & 3 March - Shell Pacific Trophy in Nouméa: a multi-activity weekend
  • 9 March - Jeremy Broutte Triathlon in Bouraké: team or solo event
  • 10 March - Anse Vata Aquamarche: running or walking in water or kayaking 
  • 17 March - Ouenghi Trail over 1 to 12.5 km

23 March - Kiwanis South West Triathlon in Boulouparis: solo or team event

Coming soon

December , à Houaïlou

In Houaïlou, the lychee reigns supreme

, à Nouméa

A celebration of no-holds-barred ingenuity!

, à Pouébo

Mwata, a culinary speciality with banana and coconut, cooked in the Kanak oven.