New Caledonia International Marathon

Nouméa -

One of the major sporting events of New Caledonia, around the picturesque bays of Nouméa.


The New Caledonia International Marathon is an Olympic-level qualifying event for the French Championships.
World-class runners battle for victory over 42.195 km along a spectacularly scenic route winding around Nouméa’s bays.

Info and reservation:

  • + 687 82 45 03

Competitors have a choice of five events:

-the main marathon for runners aged 20 and over

-the semi marathon for runners aged 18 and over

-the 10 km race for runners aged 16 and over

-the 5 km mini-adventure race over Ouen Toro for family & friends

-the 2 km “Agnès Bernard” race for runners aged 8 to 12, with prizes for all taking part.

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