The Avocado Festival

Maré -

One of the most popular celebrations of the Loyalty Islands, it takes place on the beautiful site of Guahma to Nece.


In April,  Maré farmers gather at the lands of the Nece Tribe to celebrate the island’s iconic avocados and show off the latest harvest. An unmissable Loyalty Islands folk fair.
The wealth of attractions and activities to delight visitors includes tribal homestays, excursions, nature trails & outrigger canoe trips. And there will be plenty of surprises in store at this year’s special 25th anniversary fair!

Info and reservation:

  • + 687 27 66 27

The superb fair site in Nece welcomes visitors for three festive days.
Gourmet avocado-based specialities to savour, dances, singing, local bands in live gigs and a wide range of tourism activities showcasing Maré’s beauties: snorkelling, a sport fishing competition, nature trails, boat trips on the lagoon...

The perfect opportunity to experience the island lifestyle and celebrate its gorgeous avocados!

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