11th Anûû-rû Aboro Festival

Poindimié -

  • anuu ru aboro


The Anûû-rû âboro International People's Film Festival will showcase forty-five documentary films drawn from 5 continents and 28 countries. Screenings in Poindimié and 28 partner municipalities throughout the 3 Provinces provide a unique opportunity to view outstanding films from around the world.

Info and reservation:

  • + 687 47 18 19

The officially selected films offer compelling insight into people and their homelands, drawing complex, vivid portraits of human lives. Festival Artistic Director René Boutin sees it as “A challenge to fashions, prevailing attitudes, a simplistic vision of the world, preconceptions, in a nutshell - the established order”.
The various film directors will generally be present at the four to five screenings a day. A wonderful opportunity for personal encounters with talented filmmakers.
* “Shadow of man” in the Paicî language (Ponérihouen-Koné)




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