A few minutes by car from the village of Thio, Mwara beach is the point of entry into a wild and deliciously exotic region that will take you to the gateway to the forgotten coast.

Before arriving at Mwara beach, stop on the edge of the runway, where SLN’s (Société Le Nickel) mineral roller extends into the ocean. If you like skindiving, you have before you a mythical spot in New Caledonia. This, just a few cables away from the shore, is where the mineral carrier La Joliette foundered and sank to 15 meters below the surface in February 1909.

From Mwara to Port Bouquet

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  • Mwara Beach in Thio

    Savage and exotic

    Mwara beach is an idyllically beautiful setting, and is only two hours by car from Noumea. Edged by coconut trees and blessed with an abounding reef that is particularly rich in flora and fauna, Mwara is always much loved by visitors. While you’re there, you can enjoy some lounging in the sun, a campfire and then a night under the stars!

  • Thio bay in New Caledonia

    A magnificent bay

    Going further to the south, you travel down a magnificent coast road overlooking the blue breakers of the Pacific. Half an hour down the road, take time out to admire a bay that is renowned as one of the most beautiful in New Caledonia: Port Bouquet's bay. Away off from the shore are two splendid islets: Némou and Toupéti are remarkable sites for snorkeling.

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