The village of Ponerihouen which marks the entrance of the beautiful Tchamba Valley on the East Coast can boast of harboring a bridge with the world-famous patronym. Built in the early 1900s, the bridge which spans the two banks of River Nairiwa (or Nerihouen) is in fact called Eiffel Bridge!

God knows if the Centralien Engineer Gustave Eiffel (1832 - 1923) would have interspersed the planet with his work or with those from his workshops. If the Eiffel Tower, inaugurated in 1889, remains his most emblematic work (it was then the highest tower in the world), in fact, one finds works of art by Eiffel "across" the world: in Europe of course (Spain, Portugal, Hungary, etc.), in Algeria, as well as in the United States, Bolivia, Mexico, etc.!

The Eiffel bridge

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  • The Eiffel bridge in Ponerihouen, New Caledonia

    The legend of the Eiffel bridge

    In Ponerihouen too? Que nenni! Only the similarity of the frame of the bridge to the one of the famous Parisian tower earned the metal bridge such a famous patronym. Over time, many are those who have forgotten the legendary feature of the appellation and for whom the bridge is the work of the famous engineer!