The village of Poindimié, on the East Coast, has close to 20 tribes. Some live along the shoreline; others live in verdant valleys on the foothills of the central chain. This is the case for Napoemien Valley.

With its pretty small waterfalls, where it is good to cool off during the summer heat, and its welcoming tribe, Napoemien is certainly one of the most beautiful valleys on the East Coast.

Napoemien Valley

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  • Napoemien petroglyphs in Poindimie

    The mysterious petroglyphs

    It is highly recommended to be guided by the famous "man in the hat", a guide whose reputation has largely crossed the crest of the Chain! He will take you to visit the mysterious petroglyphs which adorn the rock walls at the outskirts of the tribe or he will accompany you for a long hike of four hours leading to a magnificent panorama between sea and mountain!

  • bougna in a tribe in Poindimie

    Sharing in the tribe

    You can also share the traditional bougna with the tribe or be initiated to countless medicinal properties of the flora of the Caledonian rainforest.

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