A large majority of divers feel that the diving spots off Poindimié are the most beautiful and the richest in Grande Terre. With dwarf seahorses and orangutan sea-spiders and an exceptional variety of anemones, the sea floor here is next to perfect.

Although the development of Koné recently made Poindimié lose its coveted title as the most populous tonw in the Nord province, it’s still considered as the symbolic capital of the east coast.

The town has also been developed, and now allows visitors staying on site to enjoy a varied tourist offering in one of the most spectacular settings on the east coast.

The beautiful valleys of Napoémien, Tchamba and Névaho

Various valleys (Napoémien, Tchamba, Ina, Amoa and Névaho) are particularly appreciated sites. Between waterfalls, canoeing on the river or hiking, these magnificent green valleys are some of the must-visit spots in the region.

The town’s side facing the ocean is no less dazzling. The town’s maritime zone is also part of the “Nord and Est Coastal Zone,” listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although the large beach at Tiéti has gentle waves that kids love, the famous beach at Poindimié boasts top-quality underwater diving spots located less than a half-hour away by boat.

Diving spots considered to be the most beautiful ones in Grande Terre

Actineria, Vertigo, Bargibandi, the Arch of Tye, the Failles, Val d'Isère and so on – if these names mean nothing to you, apart from the original title of a film by Alfred Hitchcock (Vertigo) or the name of a ski resort (Val d’Isère), it’s surely because you’ve never experienced the bliss of diving in Poindimié! Trying it once may turn out to be dangerously addictive, but we love it all the same!

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Poindimié in the East coast of New Caledonia
Practical information

One of the most famous diving sites in Poindimié is called Bargibandi in homage to George Bargibant, who discovered the pygmy seahorse here in 1969, and since 1970, it has born his name! Hippcampus bargibanti is indeed a fish that lives exclusively in the Muricella sea-fans (plectana or paraplectana) that can be found between 16 and 40 meters deep. Measuring 2.4cm maximum (!), this seahorse has a prehensile tail and coloration that varies depending on the color of the sea-fan it inhabits. Be sure you have lots of patience and a powerful diving light if you want to catch a glimpse or follow the advice of a local guide (which is much simpler).

Discover the must-sees in Poindimié

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What to do in Poindimié

If you’re not a fan of scuba diving, îlot Tibarama is still certainly one of the most beautiful islets in New Caledonia, a perfect gift of lounging and snorkeling a few minutes from the shore.

You can also try out the little makeshift stands along the coastal road. The town’s inhabitants are reputed for being cheerful and available, sell seasonal fruit and vegetables as well as a few local crafts.

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