Coming from the south, a few minutes after the ferry crossing from Ouaième, after the umpteenth little bridge spanning one of the countless rivers hurtling down the abrupt sides of the mountain, the Tao waterfall can be seen in all its majestic glory on your left. Spectacle and sensation guaranteed!

Want to take a dip in cool water ? The Hienghène waterfalls are for you, specifically those of Tao. An unusual and exotic experience.

A refreshing break

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  • Tao waterfall in Hienghène

    The Hienghène Waterfalls

    New Caledonia is full of waterfalls, and perhaps the most remarkable of these can be found at the heart of the central mountain range. But of all those which can be reached, Tao is definitively the most sumptuous. A short approach taking just half an hour to walk allows you to access the waterfall by foot, and to freshen up at one of the many natural water holes at the bottom of the rock face. However, two conditions must be taken on board before undertaking this walk.

  • Little Tao waterfall in Hienghène

    Tribal land

    The land belongs to a clan, and it is advisable to make a custom gesture before entering the site. Secondly, make sure not to take this trail after heavy rain or if heavy rain is forecast. In addition to the danger of venturing onto slippery rocks, the flow of the waterfall can also increase inordinately. So please do exercise caution, even if the promise of tasting the waters of the waterfall does tickle your fancy!

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