The day will soon come when the last working Caledonian ferry will be replaced by a bridge which will allow people to cross between Pouébo and Hienghène. Until then, tourists will continue to delight in this exotic, fluvial go-between, which lets them enjoy the scenery during the short crossing.

The Ouaième ferry is located in the north of Hienghène, a little before you reach the magnificent Tao waterfall, on one of the most beautiful stretches of road in New Caledonia. The current steel ferry which carries cars and coaches is new, having begun operation in 2010. But this leaves it no less deliciously exotic. And what a view throughout the crossing. In this place, the rock face displays a formidable verticality, while the banks of the Ouaième offer views of luxurious and enchanting plantlife.

The Ouaième ferry

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  • The Ouaième ferry in Hienghène

    Place of legend

    In the spirit of the Kanak people, however, these places are laden with religious taboos. It is here, say the ancestral legends, that the entrance to the land of the dead is found. In Kanak culture, dreaming about this place is a bad omen, and no Kanak will stay here longer than strictly necessary!

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