Tour guides are right when they stress that you need to be careful when taking this famous “scheduled road”. Still, it retains a magical character that continues to seduce tourists with an appetite for adventure!

It certainly is a kind of road that is rarely found elsewhere. Following the mountainside and across the Petchécara pass, it becomes so narrow and winding in places that passing times (between 7 am and 5 pm) have been fixed over a 13 km stretch of the route. So, you can take this road at even-numbered hours in the Canala to Thio direction and in the other direction at odd-numbered hours!

Be aware that the road is open in both directions after nightfall. An enchanting experience is guaranteed to those who have the courage to tackle this route, but care is absolutely indispensable. This is all the more the case because the road is not barriers everywhere; far from it!

A magical route but one to be tackled with the greatest of care!

Of course, it is recommended to stick scrupulously to the schedule. Still, you risk crossing paths, here or there, with occasional vehicles of owners who forgot to set their watches!

And be patient. Although the scheduled section is no more than 13 km in length, you need to allow a good half hour to navigate it to the end…