Daring Sylvain, the audacious blogger from « Suisse Moi » in NEW CALEDONIA

From 30 October to 11 November, Sylvain, the intrepid bogger from « Suisse Moi » is in New Caledonia ready for new challenges. New Caledonia Tourism invites you to meet this colourful character who is followed by internet users around the world.

Suisse Moi


New Caledonia Tourism, in conjunction with North Province Tourism and Destination Loyalty Islands, will welcome Sylvain, adventurer and creator of the popular “Suisse Moi” blog (http://www.suissemoi.com), a Swiss interactive video photo blog published on the internet, broadcast on the Swiss television Channels Rouge TV and TV Bourdo and posted on social networks. With the assistance of his wife Anastasia, Sylvain posts videos every 4 to 7 days together with daily photos on the destinations he’s visited. The concept of his travels around the world is simple: a destination, the challenges (activities, adventures, itineraries, meetings …) thrown down by internet users on their social networks and the host tourist office, both of which influence the content of his trip. And the experiment has worked: Sylvain is followed by local media during his adventures, more than 90 videos have been made in two years, his Facebook account has more than 10,000 fans and his Twitter and Instagram accounts have more than 4,500 and 15,000 followers respectively.

During his New Caledonian adventure, Sylvain wants to « show the destination up close through its population, by sampling local sights, culinary delights and cultural activities». Complying with this, the three tourist offices took Sylvain on a tour of the Main Island, Maré and the Isle of Pines. He will frequently post photos and live videos of the destination and the key tourist partners he meets. While awaiting his arrival, take a look at his vidéo announcing his 100 days of adventure in the Pacific around French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Vanuatu and the Philippines.

Through this novel exposure, New Caledonia is confirming its image of a destination with a large range of outdoor activities.