It is an event that mobilises crowds: In September, Farino honours the bancoule worm. This beetle larva is savoured raw by the brave, or sautéed with pastis or butter. Are you ready for a surprising day of tasting, where you will feel you are taking part in an episode of the TV show Survivor?

Very tasty festival

Nestled in lush nature, Farino offers much-appreciated peace. The smallest town in New Caledonia is a haven of green peace, and is also renowned for its worm. The famous bancoule worm has been a star since Mamie Fogliani, legendary figure from the village, had the idea to organise a festival dedicated to this animal. 

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  • Seeking bancoule worms for the culinary festivities in New Caledonia

    Seeking worms

    Before the culinary festivities, if you want, you can take part in the contest for searching this small animal in the bancoulier trunks, where this white worm revels in this tender and moist wood. The trunks are split using an axe and the worms then show their noses, and are deposited in baskets. The finest specimens are not less than 7 or 8 cm long and 2 cm in diameter.

  • Eat the bancoule worms raw

    Eat them raw!

    This is the time of tasting and of the eating competition, which brings together the bravest participants. Ten worms are on the plate, and they have to be swallowed as fast as possible! A culinary challenge that the public cannot but admire, with guaranteed excitement. "It's not bad, it has a nutty flavour," Ludovic concedes. 

  • Eat the bancoule worms raw

    Taste them cooked

    Those with a less adventurous palate will avoid swallowing the larva raw, choosing to eat bancoule worms soaked in coconut and prepared following two recipes, cooked in butter or flambéed in pastis. There are many food stalls offering this insect as a star on their menu. 

  • local products at Farino market New Caledonia

    Leave with local products

    The bancoule worm festival is also an opportunity for you to enjoy a very local market and local crafts: Pickles, jams, vegetables, cured meats, coffee, vanilla, plants are the more traditional products that will entice you. Whether you are family, solo or with friends, you will have unforgettable memories from this festival.

    What to do in Farino?

    • The Grandes Fougères Parc
    • The Farino Waterfall 
    • The typical Farino market every 2nd Sunday of the month
    • A Quad ride
  • Farino, New Caledonia

    What to do in Farino?

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