With its tourist appeal and geographic location, New Caledonia is continually growing as a key South Pacific port of call for cruise ships and is now the second French port after Marseille for the most passengers traffic .

Fun ashore for cruise passengers!

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  • Cruise stopover map in Noumea

    French Riviera and Pacific vibe

    Discover useful tips, interesting sites, urban activities, outdoor activities, accommodations and unmissable experiences in Noumea.

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  • Noumea bays in New Caledonia

    Nouméa, a cosmopolitan capital

    On leaving the cruise ship at the ferry terminal, which is less than 200m from the city centre, passengers can find everything they need (tourist office, foreign exchange booth, tour operators and post office) to head off and explore New Caledonia's capital: Noumea. This French seaside town, founded in 1854, mixes the relaxed Pacific lifestyle with urban vitality. Whilst its numerous beaches and islets invite you to relax and take part in many nautical activities, its city centre and bays are home to all the pleasures of modern life, with a plethora of shops, cafés, bars and fine restaurants. And then there's the city to explore, offering a combination of tradition and modernity with a significant colonial heritage, several contemporary buildings devoted to Kanak culture, and various leisure attractions.

  • he “little tourist train” in Noumea

    A lot of activities in Noumea

    In Noumea, there is a huge choice of activities on offer, with special packages to suit every taste. The “little tourist train” which follows a route taking in all Noumea’s key sights (bays, beachesOuen Toro hill, Botanical & Wildlife Park) is a favourite with many cruise visitors, while others opt for a leisurely stroll around the city centre, browsing the many stores in the main shopping streets near the Cruise Ship Terminal (Place des Cocotiers, rue de l'Alma, etc.).

  • The Tjibaou Cultural Centre in Noumea, New Caledonia

    Art, history and culture galore

    And if, as sometimes (but rarely) happens, the weather is not quite up to scratch, Noumea offers a wealth of indoor cultural attractions which are the perfect answer to a sudden tropical downpour. The Lagoon Aquarium, the Tjibaou Cultural Centre, the Maritime Museum, the Municipal Market, the City Museum and the Museum of New Caledonia (primitive arts) are all well worth a visit during a stopover in Noumea, even if the sun is shining!

  • Anse Vata bay in Noumea, New Caledonia

    10 unmissable experiences in Noumea

    - Enjoy a lazy afternoon on Anse Vata or Lemon Bay beaches.
    - Shop ’til you drop and stroll around the Downtown or the Latin Quarter.
    - Discover the Kanak heritage at the Museum of New Caledonia.
    - Discover the coral reef at the Aquarium of the Lagoons.
    - Visit the morning market and taste the local products.
    - Explore the islets of the south lagoon: Île aux Canards, Îlot Maître, Amédée Lighthouse...
    - Enjoy a delicious meal in a restaurant or a café facing the sea.
    - Get your nature fix at the Forest Park and Ouen Toro viewpoint.
    - Have a ball with water activities, Segways, laser games, casinos…
    - Visit the Tjibaou Cultural Centre to learn about the Oceanian cultures & arts.

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