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Date #1 Stylish : Luxury

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New Caledonia is a true love affair for the senses. With endless natural beauty, luxury abounds in New Caledonia with an array of experiences available to delight and impress the most romantic of travellers.
From indulgent spas, fine dining and haute hotels to chartering yachts and helicopters to remote and deserted islands for an intimate dinner for two, you can do it all in New Caledonia:

  • Take a flight and enjoy the stunning lagoon and barrier reef from above on an helicopter or ultra-light flight  
  • A sunset cruise on a luxury catamaran is easy to organise from most hotels and offers the ultimate sunset cocktail experience. Book a sunset cruise on board the Iroue Luxury Yacht 
  • Escape to a deserted island - At the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage listed lagoon, Green Island is a genuine jewel. Enjoy a private picnic for two, take a dip in the water or snorkel amongst the coral
  • Dine in style over the water at ‘Le Roof’ Restaurant

Date #2 Active

kayak, blue river park, new caledonia


While New Caledonia’s perfect beaches and isolated bays allow for complete relaxation and romance, those seeking a more active escape also have the option to get out and explore for the perfect mix of excitement and adventure.
The warm water of the lagoon, its underwater treasures and the trade winds that rock the coast throughout all four seasons, offer the ideal setup for divers, kite-surfers, windsurfers and surfers, while the options for trekking, mountain biking, zip-lining and golfing are perfect for exploring the island.
Whether you’re after a new experience to have together or already share a passion for an activity, there are plenty of options for active couples in New Caledonia. Check out some of these:

  • Anse Vata Bay is popular with water sports enthusiasts. When you arrive at the bay you will find a number of places to hire stand up paddle-boards (SUP), kayaks and jet skis 
  • Located in the world’s largest lagoon and possessing the second-largest barrier reef and one of the biggest marine reserves, New Caledonia is a diver’s paradise
  • Take a Full moon kayak tour of the Drowned Forest of Lake Yate, located in the Blue River Provincial Park  - approx. one hour drive from Noumea
  • If you prefer daylight kayaking, head 30 mins out of Noumea where you can meander down the Dumbea River in your kayak, stopping for a picnic lunch along the way
  • Take your love up a level, along with your adrenalin, on a zipline Canopy Tour.  Meander along the 1.2km rope course, safely secured, high above the forest canopy
  • Enjoy a perfect romantic getaway in New Caledonia and horse ride just the two of you through local farms and enjoy a mountaintop sunset picnic

Date #3 Relaxing

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New Caledonia offers the chance to totally disconnect and just "get away from it all”. With a warm island welcome, and its beautiful beaches and reefs, New Caledonia is a true South Pacific hotspot to rest and recharge.
Of course, holidays are all about resort-style relaxation. Save some time to relish in the resort experience, indulge in poolside cocktails, spa treatments, buffet breakfasts and sun-lounger snoozes. With several hotels located near Anse Vata Beach in Noumea, you can freshen up in the beautiful decor of your hotel room and then step out onto a street lined with alfresco-style dining, wine bars and cafes. The water-side location of the hotels means that you will often have the difficult decision upon waking of whether to hit the pool or the beach!

  • With a number of hotels only a stone’s throw away from the shore line, grab your snorkel and explore the crystal clear waters, enjoy leisurely strolls along the beach, sunbathe, or simply relax as you sip on cocktails and watch the sun set over the ocean
  • Pamper yourself with a luxury spa treatment at one the many amazing spas which are found close to many hotels  
  • For something a little different, the therapeutic Aquatonic pool at the Château Royal will rejuvenate you as well as relax you, improving blood circulation and relieving pain; a great way to wind down after a day sitting by the pool in the sunshine
  • In New Caledonia sunsets are stunning, champagne is free-flowing and the aperitif is a way of life; head to Anse Vata Bay or Baie des Citrons and enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine as the sun goes down
  • If you are in the mood, dance the night away to the rhythms of the South Pacific at La Bodega del Mar or MV Lounge 


Date #4 Chilled Island Vibes

oro natural pool, isle of pines


Escape to the Isle of Pines 
To really escape book in a few nights in the Isle of Pines which is a short 20 minutes flight from Noumea and is one of the few places on earth that photos will never do justice. While you are there make sure you: 

  • Enjoy freshly caught lobsters at local restaurants like Kô-ngé-âa-ké in Oro Bay, while your toes are dipped in the sand as the waves lap your feet 
  • Swim or snorkel in a stunning fresh water pool at Oro Bay followed by a private picnic for lunch 
  • Hire a bike and discover nature at your own pace 
  • Sail, snorkel or swim the crystal clear waters of Kuto or Kanumera Bays
  • Drift on an outrigger as the wind takes you to an excursion on the wondrous Upi Bay
  • Or simply relax for the day and marvel at the stunning surroundings on Ilot Brosse

Escape to the Loyalty Islands 
For a real adventure, head to the sparsely populated Loyalty Islands, which have secluded beaches, hidden caves, amazing views, lots of bushland and local Kanak inhabitants that will make you feel welcome the second you arrive. 

  • Canoe, sail or windsurf from the breathtaking beaches of Lifou the largest of the islands
  • Discover deep rock holes, rugged scenery, freshwater swimming holes and the magnificent Petheon Caves on Maré
  • Head to the Ouvéa atoll and be mesmerised by the string of Pléiades islets and sandbanks that stretch out from the main island, have lunch on one of the islets after swimming with a cheeky pod of dolphins
  • For those who love to dive and snorkel, all three islands offer rich marine life and amazing coral gardens, particularly Baie de Jinek on Lifou

Date #5 Foodie Lovers

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Whether it’s fine dining, eating with the locals or enjoying wine or cheese tastings, there is something for everyone in New Caledonia. Expect to see baguettes and gooey French cheeses sold alongside coconuts and yams at the local market – the blend of tropical and Gallic influences makes the island such a delicious and mouth-watering destination for foodie couples.

  • Discover traditional bistros next to beach-side restaurants, and because you’re on an island there’s plenty of seafood options in menus with French favourites like Lobster Thermidor and Moules Marinières
  • All around Noumea you will find traditional French products, from local crêperies serving sweet and savoury delights using age-old recipes from the Brittany region, to heavenly patisseries selling traditional macarons, éclairs and chocolates, such as those handmade by expert chocolatier Patrick Morand
  • Gather a basket of gourmet French food and wine, add a fresh baguette and take your pick of the many perfect picnic spots dotted around the islands
  • Book a table at ‘Le Roof’ Restaurant, and enjoy a meal in an exceptional overwater setting 
  • Or plan your own custom food date using our top ten guide here


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