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Last updated: 03 January, 2022

► With an improved COVID situation and a good vaccination rate, the Government of New Caledonia has decided to reopen its borders to countries with a similar vaccination policy since 1st December 2021.
► Full vaccination certificate (except for children under 18), PCR-tests and travel certificate are required to enter the country.
► Seven days quarantine at home or at the hotel upon arrival is mandatory. 

We've missed you

Our islands were not the same without you. This break was necessary to welcome you again in the best conditions, and with a smile on our faces, as always. Our secret paradise is delighted to open its doors to you again! 

Can I go to New Caledonia for a holiday?

Yes, overseas travellers can come to New Caledonia under strict arrival control measures, without justifying a compelling reason, since 1st December 2021.

Is it possible to travel by plane during the pandemic?

Yes, overseas travellers can come to New Caledonia. 
Before their departure, all travelers need to:
- submit a request to the Government of New Caledonia to obtain a travel certificate 
- meet the health requirement as listed below.

The purchase of airline tickets to New Caledonia does not depend on the presentation of a travel certificate. Booking can be made prior obtaining the certificate.

Is it possible to come to Noumea by boat?

The navigation of liners, fishing boats and pleasure boats arriving from abroad in the internal and territorial waters of New Caledonia remains prohibited. It is however possible to apply for an exemption

How to be informed about entry protocols?

1. Consult the official information channels on a regular basis:

- This page
- Current government restrictions (NC governement) :
- Flights satus at Noumea La Tontouta airport :

2. Subscribe to our newsletter and official pages to be informed as soon as it is possible to travel to New Caledonia again:

- New Caledonia Tourism newsletter
- New Caledonia Tourism Facebook page

Conditions to enter New Caledonia

1. Compulsory vaccination and formalities

Vaccination is mandatory for adults (18 and over) entering the territory. You will need to provide evidence of full vaccination with one of the vaccines authorised by the European Commission (see below).

Vaccination status or proof of medical contraindication will be checked by airline staff before boarding. Authorised vaccination schedules are as follows:

- Janssen vaccine: 28 days after the single dose.

- Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca vaccines: 7 days after the 2nd dose or immediately after a dose given following a previous infection with Covid-19.

For children under 12 years of age or travellers not vaccinated due to medical contraindications, please read Government of New Caledonia’s information online.

- All passengers have to fill a form and present a negative PCR test before boarding and after 7-day isolation to enjoy New Caledonia, more details here.

- Non-vaccinated adults (without medical contraindications) are not allowed to enter New Caledonia.

- Specific health measures apply to passengers exposed to new variants not present in New Caledonia.

Following the detection of two probable cases of the Omicron variant on 22 December 2021, health controls at borders have been reinforced.

Upon arrival, travellers coming from a country at risk or symptomatic must perform an RT-PCR test within 24 hours and then at the end of the isolation period.
Travellers coming from a country not considered to be at risk must undergo an antigenic test within 48 hours and then at the end of the isolation period.

2. Mandatory isolation

All travellers entering the territory must complete a 7-day quarantine at home or at the hotel. They will also be subject to mandatory Covid-19 tests upon arrival in New Caledonia and after the isolation period. An antigenic test must be performed at the end of the isolation period. 

Mandatory vaccination for all adults

After having successfully maintained a "100% Covid-free" status for more than a year thanks borders closure and strict confinement of travellers, New Caledonia voted on the 3 September "the compulsory vaccination against Covid 19 for all adults in the territory". Currently, 64% of Caledonians are vaccinated with 2 doses of Pfizer.

European standard health infrastructure

As a French overseas territory, New Caledonia benefits from a health system and medical infrastructure that meet the highest international standards. The public hospitals in Noumea and Koné are very recent and are among the most modern facilities in France. All the medical staff working in the archipelago (doctors, nurses, surgeons, etc.) have French or European diplomas, guaranteeing safe and efficient care.

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