Caledonian Dream - Nouvelle-Calédonie Tourisme

Caledonian Dream: meet our six winners!

Over 1,600 candidates from across the globe entered our Caledonian Dream competition and we want to thank every participant for their time and effort.
Now, it is time to introduce our six Caledonian Dream Ambassadors from Australia, China, France, Italy, Japan and New Zealand who will have the chance to discover New Caledonia during an outstanding 9-day road trip filled with adventure and fun.

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6 travelers from 6 different countries ...



Influencer Quirky Beach obsessed
I am a bubbly 28-year-old West Australian girl with an insatiable appetite for exploration. I am either the most audible one or the one wearing the crazy bright dress or oversized head scarf. What can I say? The bigger, brighter and more fun, the better!
"I am obsessed with sea, so I would love nothing more than snorkelling the UNESCO world heritage site at Duck Island!"


Ethan LI

Photographer Barista Avocado fan
I am a photographer of global landscape and humanity. I won numerous awards for my works both in China and abroad. I’ve travelled more than 20 countries around the world including several times to Europe. I am also good at video shooting.
"I want to experience the New Caledonian activities, culture and food, and to make new friends from different countries."


Marion DAGOT

Blogger Curious Volunteer
I am 29 years old and I am curious about everything. I am enthusiast about art, sports and travel. I am also a communications officer at the University Clermont Auvergne, a volunteer at Blouses Roses and a blogger. I live like days lasted 48 hours!
"I dream of flying over the islands, exploring the heart of Voh, swimming with turtles and manta, and discovering the Kanak culture."



Radio speaker Adventurer Music lover
Radio is my life since I was 15 years old and I work on Radio 105, one of the most important networks in Italy. Photography and travel are my main passions. I never leave without my Nikon!
"I would like to take a pirogue on Isle of Pines, to swim in the pristine waters at Luengoni, and to dive at Amédée island to see the coral reef."



Globetrotter Big eater Starry sky addict
Hi! I'm Aya from Japan. Feel free to call me Aya. I love traveling, and have visited many countries around the world. I’m really looking forward to having new experiences while getting to know people from all over the world!
"I can't wait to swim in crystal clear waters under blue sky, taste the local cuisine and share all the beauties of the archipelago."

New Zealand


Business owner Positive Piña colada addict
In my spare time, I'm a travel writer/photographer and have travelled extensively. I am passionate about transporting people to the places I've been to through words and video. I like to inspire others to live life to the full and embrace new opportunities.
"Sailing around the lagoon's islands, enjoying the local cuisine, spending time with locals, and horse-riding through the countryside."

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