Isle of Pines, Kanak’s spectacular bays

The second day on the Isle of Pines saw our Caledodreamers meeting the Kuniés, the island's native inhabitants. On the menu: sampling a bougna, a weaving workshop, a tour of the island and sundowners in Kuto to wrap up the day! 

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Stand up paddle, baie d'Oro, Île des Pins

It's morning and our Caledodreamers wake up to the stunning scenery of the Méridien Ile des Pins. First stop was the buffet breakfast and a browse through their photos and videos. Ethan and Marion showed off their snaps of the sunrise over Oro Bay, a natural pool close to the hotel. Our travellers were amazed by the fiery sun that rose above the sea! Then, Mama Soso announced the good news: they were free to do as they pleased for the morning, at which point Aya and Monique decided to explore the lagoon on stand-up paddle boards. Linda headed to the pool to top up her tan and take photos, followed by Dario who swiftly plunged head first into the water. Ethan and Marion, our landscape-lovers, headed out along the beach with their cameras in hand.

After their relaxing morning and numerous selfies, our 6 adventurers met with the Touete to sample some bougna, the traditional Kanak dish. It was Zerena, an island resident and local guide, who introduced the Caledodreamers to tribe members Noelie and Dylan. While Dylan unearthed the bougna from its cooking pit, the group were fascinated to learn how this dish is prepared. The dish is placed on hot stones in a dug cooking pit and covered for 2 to 3 hours. Noelie the opened up the banana leaves to reveal the ingredients: chicken, cassava, yam, pumpkin, banana and coconut milk. After the meal, the team tried their hands at weaving crowns. Dario was the first to finish, while the girls decorated their creations with hibiscus flowers for a fashionable twist!

Tressage, culture Kanak, Île des Pins
Grotte de la reine Hortense, Île de Pins

The Caledodreamers then headed off into the rainforest to explore the Queen Hortense cave. They were overawed by this picturesque location, a site full of myth and mystery. The group then rounded off their tour of the island with a visit to Kanumera Bay, where our adventurers recharged their batteries on the white sands for which the island is so famous. Before returning to base, the group enjoyed a sunset aperitif at Kou-Bugny bar - a perfect way to end the day! 

Once back from paradise, the Caledodreamers settled down for the night at the Hilton Noumea La Promenade Residence. Tomorrow's their last day, but plenty of adventures still await!





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