Wild Wild West at Bourail and Moindou!

It's hard to leave Bourail when every stage of the journey evokes the very best of the Bush: Turtle Bay in the shade of tall and lofty pines, livestock farms with the cattle returning home or the land around Fort Teremba with its stockmen style horse riding.

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ULM, Poe lagon, Bourail

For Dario and Marion, the winners of our surprise mini games the day before, waking up is synonymous with excitement! They both won a flight over the lagoon in either a seaplane or in an ultralight with Poé Cap ULM and Air Paradise. While flying high in the air, or skimming low over the waves, this is a unique opportunity for them to appreciate the best spots in the Bourail region such as Turtle Bay, the Roche Percée, the Great Barrier Reef, the Shark Island Fault and more…

While these two are flying, the four other Calédodreamers tackle the green at the Exclusive Deva Golf Course in the early hours with their own cart and a private teacher. Thanks to the teacher's judicious advice, Linda, Monique, Ethan and especially Aya end up making their mark and start swinging like true golf aficionados.

It is then time to say goodbye to the Deva Estate and to hit the road, without missing the other must-see sites around Bourail. They make their first semi-obligatory stop at Turtle Bay to admire the waves breaking at the foot of Bourail's famous Bonhomme rock formation, while enjoying a superb beach sheltered by immense, columnar pine trees.

Now all that is left is to meet some real stockmen... Time to head for Néméara Farm then in that case. Nestled in the heart of a green valley, the site offers the perfect setting for a delicious lunch made entirely from local produce, including marinated deer steak, coconut milk squash, chayote salad, local beer, mango and pineapple ice cream, etc. The dessert is more sporty, consisting of a bobcat ride while watching the cattle being herded back home on horseback. Seeing Cindy, the owner, leading the herd like a real Wild West cowboy, is a spectacular way to immerse oneself in the local culture.

Ferme de Néméara, Bourail
Farwest Ranch, Bourail

The group are really enthralled, and they decide to get in the saddle and head off directly for further exploration. For those who have never been horse riding before, it's a real challenge. Fortunately, Marion from the Far West Ranch helps the group learn more about this noble beast, the "Caledonian's best friend", and about the vast plains of the Moindou region which is their own special territory.

After an exhilarating ride along the West Coast, it is time to relax in Nouméa as night falls. The whole group looks forward to a well-deserved rest in one of the suites of the Hilton's Nouméa La Promenade Residences. The view from the hotel balconies overlooking the superb Anse Vata beach is stunning - looks like tomorrow's sunrise is going to be really unforgettable...





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