Association Bwara Tortues Marines

The Bwärä Marine Turtle Association exists for the protection of marine turtles in Bourail.

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Association Bwara Tortues Marines (land-based activities - Bourail)

During the loggerhead turtles’ laying and hatching season, the Bwärä Marine Turtle Association ensures the protection on the beaches of Roche Percée and Baie des Tortues. This commitment includes protecting turtles that come to lay their eggs, taking inventories of laying habits, watching over the nests as well as preserving the laying sites (a reforestation programme at the sites). Following some serious incidents, the Association can no longer accept visitors during its rounds; however it can receive visitors at its bungalow to explain the work of the Association, show photographs and the 8,000 small trees in the nursery. If you wish, you can join the Association or give a donation.

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