ABACA will take you out on the lagoon.

  • Reservation only.

ABACA (water sports - Nouméa)

ABACA will take you out on the lagoon. Whether you choose a sunset cruises, full day trip or a cruise by the cabin, your stay on the turquoise waters of the New Caledonian lagoon will be unforgettable.

    Provided services :

  • Sailboat/Motoboat rental

  • Whale watching

  • beaches and islets

Rate :

Outings/activities CFP New-Zealand Dollar
Location à la cabine avec restauration complète Une cabine base (2 pers) / jour 86100 F CFP. Deux cabines (4 pers) / jour 139739 F CFP. Trois cabines (6 pers) / jour 183273 F CFP. Personne seul en cabine 56785 F CFP; Tarif résident sur demande.
A cabin (base 2 pers.) / per day 86100 1212
2 cabins (4 pers.) / per day 139739 1967
3 cabins (6 pers.) / per day 183273 2580
A person alone in one cabin 56785 799
Location du catamaran avec équipage base 6 pax (3 cabines doubles) / jour 11424 F CFP
For 6 pers. max in 3 cabins the day 11424 161
Sortie à la journée 9000 F CFP/ pers. Le catamaran complet (16 pax) 114450F CFP. Sortie couché du soleil (20 pax) 17000F CFP.
Per pers. 8800 124
The catamaran (16 pers. max) 109000 1535
Sunset cruise (16 pers max) / each hour 16000 225
Restaurant CFP New-Zealand Dollar
Restauration du midi 4000F CFP (hors boisons alcoolisées)
Per pers. 3500 49

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"⛵ SMOOTH SAILING ⛵" 03/10/2019
Took a trip around several Bay areas with Abaca Cruise for a few hours, promotional ride. Sunny day, nice weather and had a great time with Captain Yves and Sailor Nicole who outlined numero… Read full review

"7 night cruise around the islands at the southern end of New Caledonia" 16/05/2019
We spent 7 days and nights cruising to various locations and islands at the southern end of New Caledonia, mooring or anchoring in 2-3 locations each day. We snorkeled in some wonderful are… Read full review