Water sports activities ban in Noumea


As part of the shark risk management, nine campaigns to regulate dangerous species are organised along the beaches of Nouméa from Monday April 17th.

Conducted with the assistance of the Directorate of Civil Security and Risk Management (DSCGR), they will take place once a month until the end of the year.

Authorised despite the swimming ban, the practice of any nautical activity will be forbidden during each campaign in Magenta, Sainte-Marie, Château Royal, Anse Vata, Canard islet, Maître islet, Baie des Citrons and Kuendu Beach.

Dates of the campaigns:

  • • From Monday April 17 to Wednesday April 26 included
  • • From Monday May 15 to Wednesday May 24 included
  • • From Monday June 19th to Wednesday June 28th included
  • • From Monday, July 17 to Wednesday July 26 included
  • • From Monday 14 August to Wednesday 23 August included
  • • From Monday 18 September to Wednesday 27 September included
  • • From Monday, October 23 to Wednesday, November 1 included
  • • From Monday 20 November to Wednesday 29 November included
  • • From Monday 11 December to Wednesday 20 December included