In 2019, the founders of Aquabumps; Eugene Tan and Debbie Tan travelled to New Caledonia along with their children for a few days to explore the island and the largest lagoons in the world. They visited Noumea, enjoyed a guided hiking in the Blue River Park, flew over the protected marine reserve in Bourail and experienced the secluded beaches of Ouvea.

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Aquabumps is a blog and photographic outlet dedicated to beach life all over the world. Aquabumps depicts images of waves, surfers, swimmers, sunrises and whatever happens down the beach. Aquabumps’ head office and photographic gallery is in Bondi, Sydney, and is frequented by tourists and locals. 


Itinerary highlights:

- Take a scenic flight over New Caledonia’s lagoon in Bourail

- Explore the secluded islets around Noumea 

- Enjoy breathtaking views from Mouli bridge and swim on the pristine beaches of Ouvea

- Feast on New Caledonian oysters by the water at Le Roof restaurant 

- Kayak in the drowned forest at the Blue River Park


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