And if you put on your explorer's hat for a few hours or a few days to set out and explore the waterways? In a canoe or a kayak, on your own or with a guide, with your friends or in a larger group, there is no shortage of chances to imagine yourself as Indiana Jones as long as you focus on treks matched to your skills.

On the Smooth Water

To practice and become used to handling light watercraft, New Caledonia allows you to explore the waters without facing the sometimes turbulent waves of the ocean. Along the Dumbéa River or the Ouenghi river, or even along the calm lake of the Blue River Park, you can be initiated into the art of rowing effectively in a spirit of sport and relaxation. A moment of unlimited shared pleasure.

Between sea and river

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  • Parc provincial de la Rivière Bleue in Yaté

    Under the Light of the Full Moon

    Add a touch of mystery by embarking on a solo or two-person kayak trip after the sun has set. The night of every full moon provides a chance to discover the drowned forest from a new angle in the heart of the Blue River Provincial Park or take a trip up the Nera river in Bourail. Simply lit by the moon and the stars, your excursion is both restful and fascinating and cannot avoid ending with shared moments of laughter.

  • River in Thio, New Caledonia

    Heading for the Forgotten Coast

    The most sports-minded will appreciate a wilder destination. Therefore, the Forgotten Coast is the land of their dreams! Far from civilization, accessible only by sea, this luxuriant and dense part of the eastern Caledonian coast is fabulous territory for courageous explorers. For periods of time from two to five days on average, find your inner Robinson Crusoe and set out to discover this magical and preserved area of Caledonia, between the villages of Yaté and Thio.

  • Kayak in New Caledonia

    Human Experiences

    Whether you are an amateur on a peaceful river or bound for the sea, kayaking has one common feature: the human experiences that it provides for you. Even for a few hours, sharing the same physical effort and discovering the same colorful landscapes create or strengthen bonds between participants. On this type of craft, communication and mutual support are a must. And for those who love the Forgotten Coast, you can share some unforgettable moments with the inhabitants of this slice of heaven!

New Cal is waiting for you

From 4478.00 NZD
per family of 4

Hilton Noumea is located opposite Anse Vata Beach and in proximity to numerous restaurants, boutiques, local attractions and water activities centre. Your spacious three bedroom/two bathroom apartment will ensure a relaxing holiday for all members of the family and includes a fully equipped kitchen/laundry, lounge and balcony overlooking the lagoon.

From 529.00 NZD

Spend the day Ile des Pins. Fly to the Isle of Pines and discover beautiful Kanumera Bay. Enjoy lunch at Oure Lodge with stunning views of the lagoon. After lunch travel to the famed natural pool of Oro Bay and swim with tropical fish.