The land of New Caledonia can be appreciated in many ways. By taking walks, of course, but also by choosing to be enriched by everything that makes it one of a kind as a country. By its environment, its traditions, and its inhabitants. It's through contact with the Caledonians, their nature, and their customs that the archipelago truly reveals itself.

Discovering unique environments

For years, New Caledonia has been attached to providing the best possible protection to the natural land areas that are the most emblematic and native examples of fauna and flora, unique in this world thanks to their richness, diversity, and fragility. The reserves established by public institutions are a superb opportunity for you to discover the rain forest, only 30% of whose initial surface remains, or the dry forest, which is even more fragile, with 1% of its original surface still alive.

Explore the lands

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  • Horse riding in Est coast in New Caledonia

    On horseback

    Why not discover New Caledonia accompanied by a brave and affectionate mount? Treks on horseback can be enjoyed all over New Caledonia, a great way to reach areas off the beaten track, places with majestic views and to share amazing moments with guides who are know these sites by heart, their history, and their nature.

  • Hiking at Hienghène, East Coast, New Caledonia

    Be curious

    As you take a walk through the heart of New Caledonia, take time to observe the plants around you and look out for animals hiding in the background. Your adventure on land will definitely be stimulating both physically and emotionally. Guides, who are often necessary in order to enter preserved areas and those governed by customary law, will be able to share some secrets of the nature surrounding you.

  • Parc de la Rivière Bleue in Yaté, New Caledonia

    Parks and nature reserves

  • Deer in Déva in Bourail, New Caledonia

    Hunting a thousand year tradition

    With a guide who knows where to hunt and what species to track, amateur hunters can enjoy a hunt within specific areas that are open to this activity. As with every self-respecting hunter, this activity is carried out with the greatest respect for nature and animals, certainly in order to return with a trophy, but most of all, to go back home with your mind full of images and the feeling that you have shared an intimate moment with Caledonian nature.

New Cal is waiting for you

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