La Foa cinema Festival

La Foa -

A fantastic festival which has been offering a relaxed atmosphere and a good selection of independant movies for over 20 years

ダイジェスト :

This year’s La Foa Film Festival showcases 20 award-winning feature films from around the world, plus an exciting selection of short films produced in New Caledonia, screened in competition for awards in various categories.

21st to 30th August 2020.

情報・予約 :

It is certainly one of the most improbable festivals in France. This small village in the heart of New Caledonia is hosting a big name in cinema around a selection of art house films. Far from the glitz and celebrity side of other festivals, this festival has as definite assets the hospitality and simplicity. Here, the films are at the heart of the festival and not the celebrities.


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